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Press Release: Manchester, England; North Carolina, USA

RTriad Enterprises LLC partners with CySec Professionals Ltd to enable NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP®) Program delivery and career support to cybersecurity professionals, military and law-enforcement veterans and graduates in the USA.

Operating as a CySec Professionals Ltd Authorised Partner (AP), RTriad Enterprises LLC and its clients will benefit from the extensive global partnerships being forged by CySec Professionals Ltd to enable improved cybersecurity for organisations, workforce development solutions and improved career development prospects for existing and future cybersecurity professionals.

RTriad Enterprises LLC will operate the services of CySec Professionals Ltd the under its cybersecurity-professionals, cybersecurity-academy, cybersecurity-graduates and cybersecurity-veterans brands.

With the initial focus on the delivery of the NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP®) Program the partnership will develop to provide cybersecurity related products and services to organisations as well as career support to existing professionals, military and law enforcement graduates and those seeking entry into the cybersecurity profession.

Commenting on the partnership, Steven Cockcroft, Owner of CySec Professionals Ltd stated:

“CySec Professionals Ltd is proud to partner with RTriad Enterprises LLC and it’s extensive networks within the USA on this very exciting opportunity. We are passionate about cybersecurity, enabling the provision of secure solutions from global vendors as well as bringing career development opportunities to both existing and future cybersecurity professionals.

We look forward to growing our partnership with Kevin and his team in the USA to enable this as well seeking the support from RTriad Enterprises LLC and it’s partners for other mutually beneficial opportunities that we are actively progressing.”

Kevin Robinson, President RTriad Enterprises, LLC added:

“With our combined focus on how to scale for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals while at the same time driving to meet the current challenges in this field, this is an extraordinary match of organizational missions, skills and experiences.”

About CySec Professionals Ltd

Through its wholly owned professionals, academy, graduates and veterans focused websites, as well as growing and engaged global partnerships and networks, CySec Professionals Ltd aims to enable opportunity, education and inspiration for existing and future cybersecurity professionals worldwide.

CySec Professionals Ltd is an APMG International Approved Training Organisation, a provider of NCSC Certified training and a CMMC-AB Licensed Training Provider.

About RTriad Enterprises LLC

RTriad Enterprises LLC was founded in 2016, by Kevin Robinson, with the vision: Helping people to build confidence in consuming and learning how to leverage cloud services. After retiring from Microsoft, he began looking at how to help others establish their careers and small and medium sized businesses grow using cloud computing. With the belief that the cloud services are key to levelling the playing field in business, RTriad is focused on helping businesses who haven’t migrated over to cloud understand where the value is in cloud services and how to capture that value for their business.

RTriad is a company focused on helping individuals and businesses derive great value from Cloud Services. We are skilled in speaking in business terms (not “tech-eeze”) so you fully understand where the value is in adopting Cloud technology.

By levelling the playing field through proper implementation and use of technology in line with your business strategy, we hope to earn the position to be your trusted technology partner as you grow your business. We are also building a “Cloud Army” to ensure that you have access to the best cloud professionals now and in the future. More info at

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