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Corporate Social Responsibility

Find out how advertising your vacancies, degrees and training courses with us is helping the profession and the community...

To date funds generated through advertisements and purchases on websites owned by CySec Professionals Ltd have enabled us to:


  • Provide free NCSC Certified NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) training for individuals in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Ethiopa and the US who, for many reasons, would not have otherwise had the opportunity.

  • Send coding books to 9 primary schools in the UK aimed at inspiring the next generation of our profession. They will be your delegates, students and employees in the future, let's inspire them.

  • Enable 28 veterans to undertake a 12 week virtual mentorship program through our cybersecurity academy ‘The Threat Within’ program.

  • Provide discounted NCSC Certified NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) training to military and public sector organisations in the UK and Australia.

  • Provide individuals with access to free CV writing and personal branding advice to help them get ahead.

By advertising on, you too can help make a difference.



Our company has three simple Corporate Social Responsibility objectives:

1. Enable Opportunity

We provide the latest vacancies from boutique recruitment firms and hiring managers. Users of the site will also find details of their local cybersecurity chapters from professionals bodies to enable career progression and networking opportunities.


We offer, through our partners, discounted CV and Interview advice and we also provide free webinars for individuals looking to progress their careers with a focus on personal branding, CV writing and interview skills.

On a case by case basis, we offer free courses for those looking to progress and enter the cybersecurity profession that, for many reasons, are currently unable to do so. 


2. Enable Education

Our site features the best of the online and instructor led courses available as well as academic options in cyber from the worlds top universities, including Russell Group universities. Working with our education partners and training provider partners, we help individuals with costs associated with academic and non-academic study. 


We provide funding for courses for individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to begin their careers in our profession.

3. Enable Inspiration

We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of our profession.


We provide primary/elementary schools and school children with books and other resources – our profession’s future. Let’s help them. 

How we do it


CySec Professionals Ltd allocates 30% of advertising fees from vacancies, training courses and university degree listings to help pursue our CSR objectives.

We are passionate about providing opportunity, education and inspiration to both existing and future cybersecurity experts. According to a report by (ISC)², cyber security staff shortages have reached almost 3 million worldwide. We believe ensuring candidates have the experience required in the workplace is vital to bridging this gap.


We also believe a new generation needs inspiring to look at cybersecurity as a career option.


We are a proud member of the Cyber Exchange, working to bring businesses at the forefront of cybersecurity together and inform other businesses on best practice and how to develop and access market leading talent.


In addition, we are a member of the Armed Forces Covenant, working hard to ensure that those who have served the UK in any capacity are supported and treated fairly. 

And... we believe that helping others is just the right thing to do!

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