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MSc Cyber Security


University of South Wales

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University of South Wales
CF37 1DL


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Get the latest knowledge and understanding of the threats associated with the use of technology in business and how best to deal with them. As the number of sophisticated cyber attacks increase across the world, so too does the demand for graduates with the necessary skills and expertise to support an organisations ability to protect themselves against security threats and digital incursion.

The MSc Cyber Security course will equip you with the latest knowledge and understanding of the threats associated with the use of technology in business and how best to deal with them. You will cover both the technical and management/governance areas required to operate in the cyber security profession, allowing you to develop a range of key transferable skills valued by employers in both the public and private sectors. You will also benefit from being taught by staff who are at the forefront of their subject area.

Our UK-based Cyber Security course has been recognised for its excellence in cyber security and awarded provisional certification from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this makes us the only university in Wales with this acknowledgement.

This course is also available to study at our Dubai campus which is subject to validation.

The Dubai MSc Cyber Security course is supported by the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) to help fight the cyber attacks in the UAE.

You will study the following modules:

  • Network Security (20 credits)
    To enable students to evaluate, synthesize and validate the identification of security issues and their associated impacts against devices and protocols that make up networks and distributed systems.

  • Security Management (20 credits)
    To provide a knowledge of the tools and techniques available to secure and manage, in a meaningful manner, an information system.
To develop the students’ ability to manage the security of an information system at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

  • Incident Response and Incident Management (20 credits)
    To evaluate, analyse and synthesize the capability to perform incident management and incident response.

  • Cyber Law and IT Governance (20 credits) - UK only
    To develop a critical understanding of UK and EU legislation and organisational responsibility in relation to Cyberspace, Information Technology and IT strategic governance.

  • Cyber and Digital Investigations (20 credits)
    This module will enable students to synthesise knowledge of the tools, techniques and practices associated with digital forensics and to apply computer forensics principles to a range of problems. In addition, they will develop a critical understanding of the law relating to digital forensics and a thorough understanding of cybercrime and possible mitigations.

  • MSc Project (60 credits)
    To provide the opportunity for students to employ autonomy and originality in the application of their computing, award and research skills to a complex problem. To provide an opportunity for the student to investigate a topical, award relevant issue of their choice in some depth. To produce a justified solution to a significant problem that is informed by a critical review of research. To further develop the student's investigative, research, writing and presentation skills as a self-directed, autonomous learner.

  • Project Management and Research Methodology (20 credits)
    To understand current developments in project management, its techniques and tools, and to determine and use appropriate ones in contexts where there are many interacting factors.


The UK-based MSc Cyber Security course is delivered in four major blocks to offer an intensive but focused learning pattern, with two start points every year – February and September. The course typically begins in September and finishes the following September. Full-time students will typically spend 12 hours in classes each week. You will study through lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, seminars and projects.

The Dubai based MSc Cyber Security course is delivered in six major blocks to accommodate students from a wide range of backgrounds. Each block will last for five consecutive days, with one block potentially being delivered online. You will study through lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, seminars and projects.


You will need to spend a significant amount of time working independently, reading and preparing for assessments. While the style of coursework may vary, research-style papers or essays of around 4,000 words in length are typical. You will also work on a significant research project and a major project of your choice, where strong independent thinking, critical analysis and project management skills will be important.

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