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Why Study Cyber Security?

Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As hackers get more and more ambitious, cyber security professionals need to get smarter and more proactive. For this reason, companies are consistently searching for new cyber talent and employment levels in the sector are consistently high. But why study cyber security? Where do cyber pros begin and what can they expct from their careers? We've done some research into the UK cyber industry to help guide newcomers who are wondering what to study and what jobs they can look forward to.

Key points

The average cyber security salary is £62,000.

The top 10 certifications requested in job listings are:

  1. CISSP

  2. CCNP

  3. CCNA

  4. CISM

  5. CISA

  6. CCIE

  7. MCSE

  8. CompTIA Security +

  9. OCIH

  10. CCDP

The most popular cyber security jobs are:

  1. Security Engineer

  2. Security Analyst

  3. Security Architect

  4. Security Manager

  5. Security Consultant

NIST Cyber Security Professional Qualifications:


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