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The Struggle is Real: A Blueprint to Excelling Into The Cybersecurity Discipline - A Review

The Struggle is Real

A Blueprint to Excelling Into The Cybersecurity Discipline

Katia Dean

This book offers insight for those looking to break into the profession of Cybersecurity. From the definition of key roles to the crucial legislation which these roles are built around, this book offers a comprehensive guide for someone new to the industry.

Of particular interest, are the narratives from people who tell how they have entered the industry. It is not the case that there is a single route, and each contributor emphasises a slightly different path. Some have a more technical route, other a legislative or policy based one. It is also evident that people find the roles at different stages in life. Some people have had interest in computing since childhood, whereas others come to cybersecurity much later in life. The broad range is reassuring, it offers some hope to those who haven’t always been in the industry. It also offers a thought that everyone can be welcome in the industry. It’s encouraging to see those who might not have though they could have found in way into Cyber then doing so very successfully.

Conversely it allow highlights the opportunities which can be found in unemployment. It can make people look on their lives differently. Also, it can make people think about other options such as being a consultant or self employed. This is typical of the employment market in general, but there are many more options than working for one organisations for the duration of your career. Sometimes it is not always people’s choice for this to be the case, but although it can feel particularly demoralising at the time, this books shows it can still work out well.

The book also gives more information on the importance of networking and of mentors. Cybersecurity is an industry where you can create your own personal brand and these people can help you with gaining skills and experience. There are a myriad of certifications available upon entry to the profession, and the worth of these is frequently debated. This book gives more information about the path to senior roles, so it is easier to decide what qualifications would be relevant.

Besides describing the opportunities, Dean doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the struggles. Whether they are organisational, related to qualifications, or just feeling like you wouldn’t belong in the profession, this book gives you the way into the profession. It’s an honest account that things may not go just as you expect them to, but they will work out. By reading this book you will find yourself better equipped by take on the challenges within the profession. Forewarned is forearmed. The author manages to do this in an informative manner. The opposite from turning someone off the profession, these issues are discussed in an open way, with some very helpful guidance. Some take years to lean this, but the information contained in this section will give you the inside knowledge to successfully navigate the first years in the profession.

This is a really positive and engaging book. It gives you all the knowhow you need and allays all the common fears. Cyber is a growing profession, and it’s made better for the people working in it being from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. There are a range of pathways and this book details them perfectly.

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