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London, England; Victoria, Australia

Cyber security professionals from Australia’s Victorian Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet, turn to CySec Professionals Ltd for delivery of the industry’s first accredited NIST Cybersecurity Framework training; the NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) program.

Accredited through APMG International, listed as certified cyber training by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and listed as approved cyber training by the US, DHS CISA, the NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) Program is the industry’s first accredited training program that teaches organizations how to engineer, operationalize and continually improve a cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST-CSF).

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (NIST-CSF) provides a policy framework of computer security guidance for how organizations can assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks. It provides a high-level taxonomy of cybersecurity outcomes and a methodology to assess and manage those outcomes. Originally aimed at operators of critical infrastructure, the framework is now being used by a wide range of businesses and countries as a proactive approach to cyber risk management.

CySec Professionals Ltd provided three training course options to the Victorian Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Cyber Safety Unit in a variety of delivery formats:

  1. The NCSP Foundation Certificate Course with Exam outlines current cybersecurity challenges and explains how organizations that implement a NIST-CSF program can mitigate these risks.

  2. The NCSP Practitioner Certificate Course with Exam details the current cybersecurity challenges plus teaches in depth how to design, implement manage and continually improve a NIST-CSF program.

  3. The NCSP Boot Camp Certificate with Exam combining the Foundation and Practitioner training into one continual course and one exam.

As a result of the agreement, several Cyber Security Unit staff are now accessing NCSP training through online, self-paced eLearning and are progressing to become certified NIST Cybersecurity Professionals.

Commenting on the engagement, Steven Cockcroft, owner of CySec Professionals Ltd stated:

“CySec Professionals Ltd is proud to support Australia’s Victorian Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Cyber Safety Unit, on this very exciting opportunity. Uptake of the NCSP program globally has increased rapidly since launch for both individuals, government and private sector organizations. The Victorian Government Cyber Safety Unit’s commitment to NIST Cybersecurity Framework education and training will enable personnel to improve their skill sets, continually improve already robust cybersecurity arrangements and enable the Unit to remain aligned to globally recognized best practice. Personnel will also benefit from obtaining a highly valued industry certification as recognition of their professionalism.”.

Rohan Davies, Cyber Security Principal Advisor for the Cyber Safety Unit added:

“Understanding the NIST Cyber Security Framework is a fundamental requirement for today’s cybersecurity professional, the CySec Professionals NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) training course has been an excellent tool to uplift our team”.

About CySec Professionals Ltd

CySec Professionals is an APMG Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and a UK NCSC Certified Training Provider. Through its wholly owned professionals, graduates and academy focused websites as well as growing and engaged global partnerships and networks, CySec Professionals Ltd aims to enable opportunity, inspiration and education for existing and future cybersecurity professionals worldwide.

About Victorian Government, Department of Premier and Government, Cyber Security Unit

The Victorian Government Cyber Security Unit (CSU) supports the Victorian Government to prepare, prevent and respond to cyber security incidents and works on achieving the 23 actions of Victoria's first Cyber Security Strategy ( For more information on the Victorian Government, see

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