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London, England - Press Release

CySec Professionals Ltd and CyberCovered partner to bring NCSC Certified NCSP® training and discounted cyber insurance to UK SME's

Accredited through APMG International and listed as certified cyber training by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) the NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP®) training programme is the industry’s first accredited training program that teaches organisations how to engineer, operationalise and continually improve a cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST-CSF).

Now more than ever, organisations must balance a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape against the need to fulfill business requirements.

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (NIST-CSF) provides a policy framework and guidance to help organisations assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect, respond, and recover to/from cyber-attacks. It provides a high-level taxonomy of cybersecurity outcomes and a methodology to assess and manage those outcomes. Originally aimed at operators of critical infrastructure, the framework is now being used by a wide range of businesses and countries as a proactive approach to cyber risk management.

CySec Professionals Ltd has partnered with Cyber Covered to enable UK SME’s to benefit from their NCSC Certified NIST Cybersecurity Framework training programme as well as comprehensive, discounted cyber insurance.

Cyber Covered share in the vision that now more than ever businesses need support in reducing their vulnerability to cyber-crime. Being a specialist insurance provider, Cyber Covered understands the value of the NCSP® training, the importance of cyber risk management and how it can benefit their customers cyber security posture.

UK SME’s who have 20% of their workforce NCSP® certified can now benefit from a 10% discount on their cyber insurance policy through Cyber Covered.

Commenting on this latest Partnership, Steven Cockcroft, owner of CySec Professionals Ltd stated:

“CySec Professionals Ltd is proud to partner with the Cyber Covered to enable reduced cost cyber insurance to UK SMEs. Cyber Covered is widely viewed as one of the leading specialist cyber insurance providers for UK SMEs and their long-term focus on improving cyber risk management practices of UK businesses is the key to our latest partnership. When coupled with our industry first, NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP®) training programme, we expect organisations to benefit tremendously from this latest partnership.”

Vincent Kenneth, owner of Cyber Covered added:

“CySec Professionals Ltd NCSP® training programme is a natural fit for our long-term focus of improving the cyber risk management practices of UK SMEs. Recent events have proved that no organisation is immune from the potentially devastating impacts of a cyber-attack. Staff training, risk management capability and cyber insurance are a must have for any organisation. We look forward to growing our partnership with CySec Professionals during 2021 to be able to offer our insurance products to the UK SME market and beyond”.

About CySec Professionals Ltd

Through its wholly owned professionals, graduates and academy focused websites as well as growing and engaged global social media networks, CySec Professionals Ltd aims to enable opportunity, inspiration and industry leading education programs for existing and future cybersecurity professionals worldwide.

About Cyber Covered Ltd

Cyber Covered are a team of insurance professionals, experienced in liability and digital insurance. Together we are passionate about using the latest technology to deliver great protection, value and service to our customers.

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