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Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business - A Review

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A practical guide from someone who has been through it. This is really useful for small business owners and the narrative of comparing physical security to cyber security ensures clear guidance for the reader. The steps suggested in the book have made me reassess my commitment to cyber security and I now know how best to protect my business from threats.

Schober takes the key cyber security stories from the news, and explores the lessons from each one in a powerful manner which makes the reader want to reassess all of their cyber security practices. The threats and vulnerabilities which were exploited in some of these stories were so simple to take action against, yet I know many businesses would be equally as vulnerable should they be targeted.

From Ashley Madison to Yahoo, this book provides coherent advice on what you could do to stop yourself becoming the victim of this manner of attack. This book takes the headlines from the last few years and goes further to analyse the key lessons that can be learned from each experience. My business is so important to me and in the past I have neglected security. That changes from here as it is such a big risk now.

The book is accessible to a wide range of audiences too, from those who want the full technical details, to those who are just looking to make their business more secure.  We live in a world where devices and systems are open to a wide range of hacks, but even your vigilance can make a difference. Our lives contain so much technology that sometimes we forget that it’s there, and we don’t see the harm is could cause if misused.

Being careless could cost me financially and damage the reputation that I have built up over the years. It seems better to invest time and money on other parts of the business, but there are so many ways to protect yourself now, it would be unreasonable not to act! This book is full of simple tips which made me re-think my approach to cyber security. It’s really useful to hear tips from someone who has been there and got through it all, so we shouldn’t have to!  The book serves as a timely reminder of all the small actions which can be taken, which cumulatively make a big difference.

After reading this book I have created a rather long list of actions that I know I can immediately take to bolster security. From simple steps like password protection, to making sure patches are always utilised properly. Schober gives so many tips, I want to re-think all my current practices to see where I could be doing better.

I hadn’t realised before that I was so vulnerable to attack. I thought I was doing enough but this has made me stop and think otherwise. Whilst it is unfortunate to be targeted, there are so many actions you can take to protect yourself or to limit the damage that can be done. It’s more than likely your data will be compromised in an attack, whether it is a breach by someone that has your data, or a breach related to your company. This book can’t stop you from being hit by an attack, but it gives you tips to strengthen your defences and some great steps to take if you find yourself in this position.

Such a variety of companies have gone through the bad stuff so you don’t have to! You do have to learn the lessons of those companies though. And this book does an amazing job at looking at where it went wrong and where things could have been handled better. Sometimes all of the actions can feel overwhelming, but this book gives manageable actions. This book is a reminder that security practice is a live and ever-evolving aspect that you have to keep on top of. It isn’t enough to do it once – the risks change and the best solutions are still being developed. It’s about doing your best to be ahead of the curve. No-one wants to be caught on the back foot by an attacker, the consequences are too severe. That is why this book is a must-read for everyone.

We think of security as such a technical, specialist field, but the practices are everyday things that we should all be doing. As well as assessing the last few years, the book explores current situations and a view to the future! This book has so much content it’s an essential read!

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