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Bring Inner Greatness Out - A Review

Bring Inner Greatness Out - Personal Brand

"All of us are born unique and exceptional. Yet, too many of us spend a lifetime blending in and staying average."

Very rarely would I start a book review with a quote, but that is a phenomenal opening that sets the scene for this book. Our personal brand is worth far more than we realise. And for that reason, it is worth investing in.

This book provides all the tips and tricks for how to grow a personal brand. Our own brand should always be more than any one position we hold. The book highlights the need for modern and flexible practices to be utilised within recruitment, reward and retention. Outdated practices in these areas hold many organisations back, but there are solutions to be found. Companies will also want value from their hires and it is always worth considering how much companies are willing to spend on salaries, and benefits in order to retain staff.

In a time where redundancies are common, this book will ensure you know how to build your personal brand in order to land that lucrative position sooner. The author asserts that people should also be less afraid of self-promotion. The time they may feel least capable is the time that it could be most beneficial. One of the greatest ways to grow through this self promotion can be through existing connections. Look at the network you have already created and you can develop more subtle and fruitful ways to self-promote.

Hasib encourages readers to take ownership of ourselves, our career and our qualifications. You are who you are in your career because of your experiences and we should not shy away from this. The author really explains how we can be the most authentic version of ourselves.

This book is full of tips and tricks to make your way to success. Plenty of people have ambitions, but they do not quite know how to accomplish them. Whether it’s career progression, writing a new book or another aspiration, this book is essential reading as an aide to help you get where you need to be. Fundamentally, Hasib asserts that everyone is able to grow. You might think you are not able to, but this book will show you how. He is an experienced scholar and professional and this experience shines through throughout the book. From networking, to content creation, the author gives away all he has learned to help you succeed.

It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but this book might be just what you need to figure out your next steps. In a time of many redundancies and career changes, your personal brand needs to be stronger than any particular position you may hold at a given time: your identity is more than that alone. A book by a great author that everyone can learn a lot from.

A brilliant book from #DrCybersecurity himself!

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